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The team resposible of the making of some chips as the Wiikey, Wiikey Fusion or PS3Key, has just presented their new device for Xbox360 users called X360key.

The X360key is able to emule the reader of our Xbox 360 in order to load some applications through an external USB hard disk, this X360key is a new advance in the world of the Xbox360 scene and it's expected that they launch some updates to enhance the support.

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X360key Specifications:

  • A strong and easy interface
  • It does not require any additional soldering
  • With X360key we don't need to flash the reader
  • We don't need to have our console with the JTAG
  • Compatible with all models from Xbox 360 FAT and majority of Slim models
  • X360key supports the most of the games from Xbox360 and of the first Xbox
  • Supports the formats NTFS, EXT2/3/4 y Mac OS X Extended
  • Supports USB 2.0
  • USB control with OLED screen and 3 buttons to control the X360key in an easy and simply way (not included, sold separetely)
  • X360key includes a system based on Linux which is installed in a microSD card (included)
  • Full upgradable firmware by USB
  • FPGA full upgradable by USB through the JTAG
  • Recovery mode to fix bricks that could corrupt the memory
  • Full emulation to the AP25 protection


Note: It is necessary to extract the original key from the reader to work with x360key. If they do not, the device will not work correctly.
X360key is currently in version 7.2. This new version replaces the USB cable that was inside with a flex cable that plugs into a USB adapter. The assembly process is the same as in the first version, except the cable, but is just as easy.


Next X360key specifications:

  • Web control panel (WIFI device purchase will be required)
  • Backups loading through SAMBA and NFS
  • Supports Xbox Live!
  • Backups from your original games through Xbox360 to the hard disk.

This product can not be returned, since its bad installation can make the X360key unusuable. It is recommended that the installation wil be done by a specialized person.

Link to mounting tutorial



(rating: 4)

Hi Is that english version xk3y ?


(rating: 5)
Hello, yes it's this version, the rev7-2. Thank you

(rating: 4)

I put the wrong thing before. I mean does it come with the micro sd card adapter and is it the latest one. Will order today if so.


(rating: 5)
The x360key comes without microsd adapter.

(rating: 4)

Does this come with the x360key remote?


(rating: 5)
This one comes without remote. For the x360key + remote take a look at this link: http://www.discoazul.co.uk/x360key-lcd-remote-control.html

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Hello, Is this Website still up to date? And does it ship to Belgium? I have a Xkey board with all needed cables an SD card. But i woud like the Xkey LCD Remote to for my Xkey. How long does it take to ship to my country? Thank you,


(rating: 5)
We shipped worldwide. Nowadays we haven't got stock of Xkey and the LCD remote. We expect receive in the next weeks. Before finish your order you can check the costs of shipment between the differents companies (Correos, DHL or UPS). Best regards

(rating: 4)
Oke i see on your website it says Xkey is out off stock but for the LCD remote it says in stock. So can i order it or not? And are you guys shipping from Spain? Thanks,

(rating: 5)
Dear customer, your order includes our 2 last LCD Remote Key. Nowadays we haven't got stock, but we have the two units for your order.