Swap Magic v 3.6 + Breaker Pro v1.1

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Also available: Swap Magic Coder 3.8 + Breaker Pro v1.1

Swap Magic:

Only PAL version, not avaliable for sale in USA.
• Compatible with every CD-ROM based PS2 game to date.

• For PS2 CD-R backups and DVD-R backups.

• Multi-Language menu: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Korea.

• Compatible with DVDRips (632mb+ CD-R backups) via TOC Refresh feature.

• PAL version.

• Includes built-in PAL/NTSC region selector.

• Games start with the single swap method.

• For ALL version PS2 consoles v3,v4,v5,v6,v7,v8,v9,v10,v11 and the new PS Two.

• Package contents Swap Magic CD 3.6 and Swap Magic DVD 3.6.

Breaker Pro v1.1:

Product Description:

• Here At Last! THE WORLD'S FIRST C.D. BASED PS-ONE IMPORT GAME ADAPTOR for PS-One and Playstation 2. From now on, with Breaker Pro, you can enjoy the backup games and all the import games and from all over the world. Breaker Pro is easy to use and No soldering is needed.

• There are two version of Breaker Pro: NTSC and PAL. So, you have to make sure what console you owned before you get a Breaker Pro. It is also the TOC disc when used in conjunction with the Swap Magic 2.0 or 3.0 Discs, to enjoy previously unplayable games which could not boot with the Swap Magic Alone.

Product Features:

• Allows the PS-ONE and Playstation 2 to play PS-One import games and backup games without internal modification.

• No warranty issues - console remains completely intact.

• No need for chips or soldering.

• No technical knowledge whatsoever is required.

• Works on all original PS-One and Playstation 2.

• Can be used as the TOC Disc together with the Swap Magic Set.

- So that it works, they are necessary the Magic Keys

-It verifies Here that Magic Keys needs to youTUTORIAL

Package Contents:

• Swap Magic 3.6 CD and Swap Magic 3.6 DVD.

• Breaker Pro v1.1 PAL.

• 1 Slide Card.

• 1 PVC Card for PSone.

• 1 Spring - for PS original.

• User Manual


Discoazul does not take responsibility of the use that can be made of this product on the part of the client.

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