Woxter Wiki Giraffe USB 4 GB

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Woxter Wiki Giraffe USB 4 GB

The well known Woxter "Jungle Toys" series offers us 4 new desigs for your collection.

The Woxter Wiki Giraffe USB is a 4GB memory, made of PVC in the shape of a Giraffe. It has a very soft touch, it's not toxic and easy to clean.


Giraffe USB

Completely Plug & Play, just connect it to the computer and it will be automatically detected. You just have to take of it's head to expose the USB port.

USB 2.0 connection, compatible with all devices,like USB 1.1. and USB 2.0, it works perfectly with most systems (Windows, Mac and Linux).

It includes an pretty and resistant string to take it whereever you like.